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Complete Book Of Paper Crafts Kit

SKU: SPB12872


Complete Book Of Paper Crafts Transform ordinary paper into extraordinary creations! Fold, construct, glue and decorate paper crafts! From shadow puppets and gift boxes to model robots and games, these creative projects are tons of fun to make and enjoy!

  • Clever punch-out designs, along with the folding tools and decorating supplies included, make it easy for people of all skill levels to make fantastic creations!
  • With a giant book of projects including origami, paper planes, games and toys, decorations and holiday crafts, there's something for everyone!
  • Easy-to-follow lessons guide you through each step of cutting, folding, gluing and decorating tons of fabulous crafts!
  • Our biggest book yet, this oversize, 224-page book comes packed with instructions, punch-out designs and specially patterned paper.
  • 1 paper folding tool, 1 metal ruler, 1 bottle of craft glue, assorted tissue paper, 1 scoring tool, 1 roll of glitter tape, 1 pack of assorted googly eyes