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Couplers .090 Rods 4-40


Sullivan Gold-N-Rods feature patented splines on their Yellow inner rods for a no-bind, smooth operation. They're made of a special temperature-compensated material to minimize shrinkage. The Flexible Pushrods, Semi-Flexible Pushrods, and Push Cables
now come with the Gold-N-Clevis which provides a complete quality pushrod connection. It has a spring steel retaining clip that won't allow the Gold-N-Clevis to slip, even under heavy use. The Gold-N-Clevis is brass plated, allowing you to solder it in place. Also available separately (pkg of two). The high-stress rods are three times stronger than the flexible rods and are designed for 1/4 scale models (clevis is included). Dubro's 4-40 Threaded Rods are made of steel and available 2 per package in a 12" length, which may be cut to your desired dimension. Othe sizes are also available as indicated in the
lines below. Control Rod Clamps are available in medium and large sizes.