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AC To DC Adapter

SKU: TRA2976
This is the Traxxas AC to DC Power Supply Adapter.  The key to staying alive is to adapt so stay in the game and keep the power coming!


Designed specifically for use with the Traxxas peak detecting DC 2-4A fast chargers and allows them to be powered from a standard 110V AC outlet No on/off switch, plug in to turn on and unplug to turn off, unplug when not in use Model: 2976


Traxxas AC to DC Power Supply Adapter with 110 Power Cord and 12V Output Cord with Socket


Input 100 - 240V AC, 50-60Hz, 1.0A Output: 13.8V, 3.5A


For dry locations and indoor use only. Do not expose to moisture. Do not open case, risk of electrical shock.