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Control Box Complete T-MAXX 2.5

SKU: TRA5280
This is a Complete Control Box for the Easy Start 2 on the Traxxas Tmaxx. This houses the 7.2V battery for the Easy Start, and provides the start button. Also for the Tmaxx 3.3


Black plastic construction. Green motor and glow plug led's. Red start push button. Product Item #: 5280


Two easy start control box halves.


7.2V battery. Onboard easy start 2 components. SPECS: Length: 180mm (7.08") Width: 50mm (1.96")


This is for use with the Easy Start 2 (TRAP5271) BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.75" W. X 2.00" H. X 7.25" L. BOX WEIGHT: .27 LBS.