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Low Voltage Battery Monitor 2-8S

SKU: VNR0644
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This is a 2-8S LiPo LiIon and LiFe Voltage Monitor from Venom.  Stay on top of that of that voltage output with this great monitor.


Checks individual cell voltage and overall pack voltage and sounds an alarm if the voltage is below 3.3V per cell Attaches to the balance connector on most 2-8S (7.4-29.6V) LiPo packs Guaranteed to be free from material defects and manufacturing faults when new INCLUDES: 2-8S LiPo LiIon and LiFe Voltage Monitor


Voltage Precision: 0.01V Cell Voltage Range: 0.5-4.5V Pack Voltage Range: 0.5-36V Test Mode Voltage Range: 3.7-30V Low Voltage Alarm Mode: 2-8S Alarm Voltage Range: OFF-2.7-3.8V

Warning: This product can expose you to substances known to the State of California to cause harm. Click here for more details.