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Rail-to-Road Aggregate Transfer Kit HO Scale

SKU: W334036
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Walthers Cornerstone Rail-to-Road Aggregate Transfer KIt - 14-1/2 x 9-5/8 x 11" 36.8 x 24.4 x 27.9cm / HO Scale

Walthers Cornerstone #: 933-4036 One of the newest industries along the rails involves some of the oldest material on earth - sand! While it's been used for centuries to make building materials, glass and metal castings, you'll also find it in paint, fertilizer and plastics. Recently, |fracturing sand} (or |frac sand}) has become a hot commodity, used to break rock and improve the flow at new oil and gas fields. But you can't use just any kind of sand for any kind of product, which means it's got to be hauled long distances from producer to end user - a big job tailor-made for today's railroads! Wherever sand is offloaded, you'll find facilities like the Rail-to-Road Aggregate Transfer. These contemporary trackside operations can be found at a wide range of industries, where they handle road salt, fertilizer and other granular materials. This complete kit features twin storage silos with pull-through loading for trucks, main office and guard shack, plus printed company and safety signs. * Perfect for Modeling Modern Transfer Facility * Prototypes Handle Sand, Road Salt, Fertilizer & Other Granular Materials * Railcar Unloading Pit with Conveyor * Twin Storage Silos with Pull-Through Loading for Trucks * Main Office & Guard Shack * Printed Company & Safety Signs * Molded in 5 Colors & Clear Plastic