Eisenhower/Anthony Dollar Folder, 1971-1999 Whitman Coin 30709023X

Eisenhower/Anthony Dollar Folder, 1971-1999 Whitman Coin 30709023X

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Eisenhower/Anthony Dollar Folder, 1971-1999 by Whitman Coins This is an Official Whitman Coin Folder for the Eisenhower and Anthony Dollars Collection Dated 1971 - 1999.  Perfect for the silver dollar collector. Product Item #: 30709023X


  • This book allows you to store and display Eisenhower dollars dated 1971 through 1978, and Anthony dollars dated 1979 through 1999.
  • This is a sturdy dark blue, three panel thick cardboard folder.
  • This folder will hold 18 Eisenhower dollars, and 12 Anthony dollars.
  • Each coin slot is dated and mint marked according to which mint the coin was struck from.
  • Quantity minted for each particular coin is printed below slot.
  • The holes in this folder have a special, positive lock-in feature.
  • Interior is blue.
  • History regarding these types of coins are printed on the inside cover.
  • Great gift idea for the coin collector in your life!


One Eisenhower & Anthony Dollar Folder (1971-1999)


Size: 5-3/4" x 7-5/8"