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Jefferson Nickel Folder #3, 1996-2013

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Jefferson Nickel Folder #3, 1996-2013 by Whitman Coins This is an Official Whitman Coin Folder for the JeffersonåÊNickel Collection Date Starting 1996. åÊThe perfect collector's book for the person saving each nickel and wanting to protect their investment.


  • This book allows you to store and display Jefferson nickels with a starting date of 1996.
  • This is a sturdy dark blue, three panel thick cardboard folder.
  • This folder will hold 65 nickels.
  • Two rows of slots are dated and mint marked according to which mint the coin was struck from. The remaining folder has blank slots.
  • Quantity minted for the nickels dated 1996 through 1998 is printed below the slots.
  • The holes in this folder have a special, positive lock-in feature.
  • Interior is blue.
  • History regarding this type of coin is printed on the inside cover.
  • Great gift idea for the coin collector in your life!


One Jefferson Nickel Folder (1996- )


Size: 5-3/4" x 7-5/8"