Statehood Quarter Album '99-'08, Whitman Coin 0307091767

Statehood Quarter Album '99-'08, Whitman Coin 0307091767

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This Whitman Classic Coin Folder Will Hold One of Each of the Commemorative Statehood Quarters Issued 1999 Through 2008 (quarters not included) Product Item #: 0307091767


Blue hardback style folder. Five pages, each holding ten quarters. Clear sheets cover front and back of each coin. Contains information on statehood quarter act as well as information on each state.


Folder Five Pages Clear Sheets


7-1/4" x 8-3/4"


State Quarters


The Mint Stamps are P for Philadelphia D for Denver S for San Fransisco (Proof Versions) Seperate folders will be required to collect all versions.