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Plaster Mold-A-Scene

SKU: WOO1202
1/2 Gallon ofWoodland Scenics Mold-A-Scene Plaster.


A plaster material that can be shaped like modeling clay, but sets like plaster without a mold. Its longer setting time allows a modeler to add terrain contours to new or existing scenery. Excellent for dioramas, layouts and models, as well as volcanoes and other school projects. You may sculpt, shape, trowel, carve, stain or paint. Instructions provided.


One Carton of Mold-A-Scene Plaster


Not well suited for casting because it has a putty like consistency and does not reproduce fine detail.


WEIGHT: 1.2 lb (1/2 gallon) BOX DIMENSIONS: 3.50" W. X 2.00" H. X 7.50" L. BOX WEIGHT: 1.75 LBS.