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Burnt Grass Static Grass Flock Shaker

This is a Bottle of Burnt Grass Static Grass Flock for Train or Diorama Sets. It's for experienced modelers. Landscaping adds color, texture and realism to terrain contours. TheWoodland Scenics landscaping system includes all the products needed foradding soil, ground cover, grass, plants, and trees to a layout. Producerealistic scenery whether you're a beginner or advanced modeler. The productsare all formulated to mix and blend for ultimate realism. Completeinstructions make each item easy to use and virtually foolproof. FEATURES: Scale model material. Very fine, short, hair-like substance used as coloring for burnt grass in scenery for a model train or diorama. Easy to use: may be gently squeezed to "puff" material over adhesive. May be mixed with different colors for a more realistic appearance. Dark green coloring adds an authentically burnt grass look. Ample supply of burnt color grass is bottled in a clear, plastic, non-breakable bottle. Clear instructions demonstrate the process of lightly sprinkling static grass flock over area of layout to be flocked with grass.


One 32 oz. Shaker Bottle of Burnt Static Grass Flock for Train and Diorama Sets


Woodland Scenics' Scenic Cement Spray for Adhesion Mixing Colors as Desired Vacuuming Excess Material from Track or Diorama Layout Masking Tape to Protect Sprinkling in Unwanted Areas Adult Supervision


32 oz. Shaker Bottle Bottle: Length: 3-1/2" (9cm) Width: 2-1/2" (6.5cm) Height: 8" (20.2cm)


Keep out of reach of small children. NOTE: contents of bottle may settle. Avoid train track area when lightly sprinkling static grass flock. BOX DIMENSIONS: 3.25" W. X 2.50" H. X 8.00" L.


.41 LBS.