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Gothic Letter Large Black Decals

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Customize anything with this Woodland Scenics Dry Transfer Letter & Number Decal Sheet in Black Railroad Gothic Font.


Letteringsizes: 3/8", 1/2" Ideal for customizing any undecorated locomotive or freight car. Two different sizes to meet any scale need. Transfers rub onto smooth or textured surfaces in seconds. No cracking or ugly film Capable of withstanding severe stress and abuse and will not destruct when crumpled or folded. Shelf life is unlimited if kept clean and dry. Most any clear spray (gloss or flat) can be applied over these because they're solvent-resistant. Versatile decal system for arts, crafts and hobbies.


One Sheet of Dry Transfer Decals (Black Railroad Gothic)


Burnisher (WOOU2600) or Dull Pencil Scissors


BOX DIMENSIONS: 5.75" W. X .01" H. X 8.25" L. BOX WEIGHT: .03 LBS.