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Soft Flake Snow Shaker 50 cu. In.

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32 oz. Bottle of Soft Flake Snowfor Train or Diorama Sets from Woodland Scenics for experienced modelers. Landscaping adds color, texture, and realism to terrain contours. Woodland Scenics landscaping systems include all the products needed for adding soil, ground cover, grass, plants, and trees to a layout. Produce realistic scenery whether you're a beginner or advanced modeler. The products are all formulated to mix and blend for ultimate realism. Complete instructions make each item easy to use and virtually foolproof.


Scale model material. This snow is white and resembles fine granulated sugar. Great for light dustings or heavy drifts. Easily blended with ballast (sold separately) to give the appearance of plowed or driven-on snow. Clear plastic 32 oz. bottle with shaker top (large spice bottle). Detailed instructions on back of bottle.


One 32 oz. Shaker Bottle of Soft Flake Snow.


Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement Woodland Scenics Flex Paste (if forming drifts) Adult Supervision


32 oz. Shaker Bottle/50 cu. in. Bottle: Length: 3-1/2" (91mm) Width: 2-1/2" (65mm) Height: 8" (208mm)


Keep out of reach of small children. Woodland Scenics has excellent books and videos which explain usage of their products in detail.


3.50" W. X 2.50" H. X 8.00" L.


1.03 LBS.