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Western Pacific (WP) Gunderson 62' Plain-Deck Flatcar

SKU: WOT40109

Wheels of Time 62' Plain-Deck Flatcars were 1960s and later favorites of the lumber and building materials industries where a clear 57' loading deck was desired. Constructed by Gunderson, 62' flatcars could be found handling loads from the Pacific Northwest to markets where there were housing booms in the 1960s and 1970s. Look-alike cars from other manufacturers such as Thrall, P-S and Nappanee also hit the rails on lines across the continent. This model is based on cars delivered in 1966 (and later for look-alikes). 62' Plain-Deck Flatcars feature applied grab irons, separate ladders, metal wheels, accurate decoration and Kadee(R)v scale Magne-Matic(R) knuckle couplers.

product# WOT40109