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Southern Pacific (SP) ACF 62' Straight-Taper Bulkhead Flatcar 3-Pack

SKU: WOT40158
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Wheels of Time ACF 62' Straight-Taper Bulkhead Flatcars were 1960s and later favorites of the lumber and building materials industries where a clear 57' loading deck was desired. Constructed by American Car & Foundry, these 62' flatcars could be found handling loads from the Pacific Northwest to markets where there were housing booms in the 1960s and 1970s. ACF 62' Straight-Taper Bulkhead Flatcars feature applied grab irons, separate ladders, metal wheels, accurate decoration and Kadee(R) scale Magne-Matic(R) knuckle couplers.

product# WOT40158