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14x8 Pattern Propeller

SKU: APC14080
14x8 Pattern Propeller by APC. The 14x8 Airplane Propeller which you will need for your hobby plane to take flight. It is a"tractor"(not a "pusher") Prop.


  • Computer-optimized design gives these props a thinner profile and more "bite" with less noise.
  • Lightweight molded nylon construction reduces rotating mass for higher output and longer life.
  • Reinforcing carbon fibers help maintain true, constant pitch at any rpm.
  • "C2" design (see COMMENTS).


One Carbon-Reinforced Narrow Bladed NYLON Propeller


ALL props require balancing, this is VERY important, use TOPQ5700. May need prop reamer, use GPMQ5005 (SAE) or FOXQ1520 (Metric)


Length: 14" Pitch: 8 Thickness at hub: 1/2" Hole diameter: 1/4"


The "C2" stands for the production run in which the prop was made.