Eugene Toy & Hobby’s history can be traced back through 5 generations of the Agerter family starting in 1933. Great-grandfather Perry retired to Eugene in the late 1920s and took over ownership of a simple gift shop and magazine stand. Not too long afterward, he realized that his “retirement project” was just too much of a job! At that point, he sold the business to his son Byron who, with his wife Eva and young son Paul, moved to Eugene in 1933 and took over.

They immediately began adding to their inventory, expanding into the toys, model trains, and airplanes that would later dominate their inventory.

Throughout the next 33 years, the store continued to expand necessitating 4 moves, the most recent of which was in 1969 to our current location at 32 East 11th Ave.

Paul and his sons Mark and Alan became partners in 1981 when Byron and Eva officially retired.

Pocket novels and used magazines were eliminated by 1988 when the building was remodeled and expanded to its current size, with large additions of inventory and specialty products.

With Paul’s retirement in 1991, Mark and Alan took over.

Mark retired in early 2020, however he is still around now and then and focuses his time on our Collector’s Corner and Book Nook.

Alan is retiring in 2024! He and his son Andrew have decided to leave the store in the very capable hands of three employees who are as passionate about the business as the Agerters. While management has changed, the store will remain as it always has - a family shop, where everyone is welcome!



Locally owned by our family since 1933. We love what we do and we love sharing our passion as well as our knowledge. We will never outsource! Call us here in Eugene.

We know you can buy toys and hobby gear from many sources but what you won’t get from those places is our experience and exceptional customer service. We know how to operate the cool new toys and hobbies and with our experience, we understand how important it is to get it back up and running again after a break or a crash. And, more importantly, if it's fixable we know how to fix it and can help you with your repairs too.

What do we do?

We specialize in customer service! Our staff, collectively, has over 250 years of experience in the toy and hobby industry. We offer innovative, challenging, and interesting products that will help you to enhance and enjoy your leisure time.  Looking for the perfect gift for a birthday or the holidays? Need a project for home or school? Have a desire to get creative? Want to enjoy the excitement of radio control?  Check us out!  We can get you into the perfect activity for you and your family!

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide the finest quality toys and hobbies for our customers' enjoyment and education and the expertise and assistance needed to help the client get the most out of their leisure-time investment. 

Grow with Us!

We truly appreciate the incredible support of our local customers and, as well, marvel at the meteoric growth of our online sales.  We are on the march to our 100th anniversary!