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Fyodor Pavlov Tarot



Captivating artist Fyodor Pavlov pays tribute to the seminal Smith-Waite Tarot Deck® imagery by creating a hand-painted tarot deck in watercolor and ink that is informed by his personal queer and trans experiences. The result is a tarot deck that is familiar and timeless while exploring new and diverse representations of gender, sexuality and culture. Pavlov artfully introduces queer and non-binary identities while staying true to the canonical tarot meanings.
Includes: Two-piece box with gold foil stamping, 78 gilded edge linen finish cards with color-themed suits and 172-page full-color illustrated, hardcover book.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Dawson
Brilliant Artwork

I had been searching for a tarot deck that was diverse with images that I connect to. Saw the image used for the hermit which traditionally is done as an old man but in this deck is a young woman on a journey. As that is the tarot card of my birth, I knew I found the deck for me.
Filled with gorgeous imagery that reminds me of the classic fantasy books but for adults, this deck is multiracial, multicultural and LGBTQ+ diverse. I love the deck.
The use of color and symbolisms are powerful. While I am cis-female and heterosexual, I grew up in a S. California neighborhood that was diverse in culture, race and sexuality. I can relate to this deck over any others I have picked up before.
The guide book which is a hardback is beautiful written. Not for anyone new to tarot as it does not explain tarot meaning of each card but why the artist used the imaged used and what means they wanted them to convey.
The cards are beautiful and not glossy. They are not thick card stock but have some weight to them. The gold edging is beautiful too.
Definitely a deck I am glad I added to my collection.