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.015x6x12" Plain Sheet White Styrene Plastic (Pack of 3)

SKU: EVG9015
The package contains three white styrene plastic .015" Thick Plain Sheets from Evergreen Scale Models.


Great for many scratch modeling needs: -Model Railroading -Architectural Models -Military Models -Industrial Models -Miniatures -Ships and Planes This white styrene sheet may be bonded and painted. A wood grain appearance my be created easily. Nearly any type of weathering can be applied to a painted styrene surface. Sturdy and durable. User friendly, economical, and high quality styrene enhances scratch model building techniques. Instructions for uses on back of package.


Three Styrene Plain Sheets


Modeling Knife Bonding Solvent (Refer to Package) Paint Materials (Refer to Package)


Thickness: .015" (.4mm) Sheet Size: 6" x 12"