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Mig-15 bis/Shenyang F2 (1/32nd Scale) Aircraft Model Kit

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The MiG –15bis Fighter is the further development of the MiG-15 aircraft. It had added with more powerful engine. The PLAAF introduced it in 1952. It had made heavy losses on the F-86 fighters of USAF relying on its super performance during the Korean War in 1950, In operations of territorial air defense had shut down one P2V reconnaissance airplane of KMTAF, Wang Hai had flown the MiG-15bis and shot down/damaged 9 enemy planes on during Korean War.
  • Accurately reproduced exterior and cockpit                           
  • Highly detailed cockpit with clear canopy                            
  • Detailed landing gear                                                
  • Rubber tires                                                         
  • Illustrated assembly guide