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German Ju-88A-4 Bomber (1/48 Scale) Aircraft Model Kit

SKU: ICM-48233
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The Junkers Ju 88 was a German World War II Luftwaffe twin-engine multirole combat aircraft. A-4 is improved variant. Kit features engraved panel lines, forward fuselage interior, well appointed (cockpit, radio operator and bombardier's stations), separate flaps and slats, detailed twin engines, underwing dive breaks, single piece propellers with separate spinners, full defensive machine guns, well detailed optional position landing gear, (x4) external bombs with racks, optional canopy and other glazing's. Decals and color markings for (4) aircraft: 9./KG 30, Sicily, Spring 1941; StabSt/KG 3, Russia, Spring 1942; Stab I./KG 77, Russia, Spring 1942 and 8./KG 3, Russia, Winter 1942 - includes stencil data, instrument panel and consoles.