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1.9 SR04 Beadlock Wheels (Semigloss silver)(2)

SKU: GMA70492
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Main Feature:
  True beadlock wheels - No gluing
  Dual side beadlock system
  Stamped steel wheel
  Powder coated finish
  Available in 4 colors - Matt black, Gloss white, Semigloss silver and Uncoated steel
  Semigloss silver in color
  Realistic scale design
  Two type of assembly methods
  Fits 12mm hex hubs and most 1.9 inch size tires
  Easy installation
  Sold in pairs

What's included:
  Front half of wheels (Semigloss silver in color) x 2
  Back half of wheels x 2 Inner beadlock wheels x 2
  2.5*8mm Scale hex bolts x 12
  2.5*15mm Allen bolts x 2
  M2.5 nuts x 12
  Socket wrench x 1
  Assembly instructions
  Width: 22mm
  Diameter: 48mm (1.9inch)
  Offset: 2mm positive offset
  Hex size: 12mm

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