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11x4 Fiberglass Propeller

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The Master Airscrew Injection-Molded Fiberglass Filled Nylon Propeller. Excellent for Any Type of Application, from Training and Sport Flying to Serious Competition.


NASA Airfoils and Constant-Pitch Designs enable this Propeller to deliver more Thrust at Lower RPM. The Latest in Engineering Technology used for this Updated Design. Lower Noise and Accurate Balance Available in a Wide Array of Sizes to Suit Every Application. Propeller is totally fuel-proof. INCLUDES: One Black 11x4 Fiberglass/Nylon Propeller


Center Hole Diameter: 1/4" approx. Propeller Diameter: 11" Propeller Pitch: 4"


Depending on the engine crankshaft size, the propeller may need to be reamed to a larger size using GPMQ5005 (SAE) or GPMQ5007 (Metric).


Four-stroke engines are typically higher torque engines and should use the larger props indicated in the range. Recommended prop ranges will vary depending on your particular engine and airplane. The Chart below represents average prop usage and should be used as Only a General Guideline. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions included with your engine.