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14x8 Power Point Wood Propeller

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Power Point Beechwood Propeller from Top Flite. Excellent for Any Type of Application, from Training and Sport Flying to Serious Competition.


Advanced Swept-Tip Design Reduces Vortices at the Tips for Quieter, More Efficient Performance. Tight Tolerances in Design, Tooling, and Manufacturing Ensure Precise Pitch Throughout the Prop for Maximum Performance. Made of Lightweight Fuelproof Beechwood instead of heavier Maple. Offers Greater Strength and Rigidity than Nylon Blades and Won't Bend Out of the Plane of Rotation. Available in a Wide Array of Sizes to Suit Every Application. Less Rotational Mass Provides Greater Thrust at Any RPM and Less Overall Engine Wear. INCLUDES: One 14x8 Power Point Propeller


Center Hole Diameter: ¼" approx Propeller Diameter: 14" Propeller Pitch: 8


Depending on the engine crankshaft size, the propeller may need to be reamed to a larger size using GPMQ5005.


Four-stroke engines are typically higher torque engines and should use the larger props indicated in the range. Recommended prop ranges will vary depending on your particular engine and airplane. The Chart below represents average prop usage and should be used as Only a General Guideline. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions included with your engine. Engine Size Prop Range .10 7x4 to 8x4 .25 8x4 to 9x6 .32 9x4 to 10x5 .40 10x5 to 11x6 .60 11x6 to 12x8 .90 13x6 to 15x8 1.2 14x6 to 16x6 2.8 18x6 to 20x10 4.2 20x8 to 24x10