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18" Radius SnapTrack (6) Code 83 HO Scale

Six HO 18" Radius Code 83 Curved Track Pieces


Brown railroad ties with nickel-silver rails. Snap track. Code 83 track may be used with other Atlas or Roco track products, both Code 83 and Code 100 by using conversion joiners.


Six HO Code 83 Curved Track (18" Radius) Four Silver/Nickel Rail Joiners


Code 83 Track: the "Code" of a piece of track is the height of the rail in thousandths of an inch. Code 83 rail is .083" high and more to scale than Code 100 track. Takes 12 Pieces to make a full circle.


BOX DIMENSIONS: 3.50" W. X .50" H. X 12.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .24 LBS.