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1932 Chrysler Imperial Gangbusters (1/25 Scale) Vehicle Model Kit

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Scale-modeling is a great hobby that provides a hands-on building experience as well as brief study of history and mechanical engineering. This 1/25 scale 1932 Chrysler Imperial 8 assembly kit presents an luxurious automotive masterpiece from the early days of auto manufacturing. This GANGBUSTERS edition focuses on the troublemakers and the heroes that tracked them down during the prohibition era. It includes a bullet riddled windshield and radiator, era-specific gangster figures and armament. It even includes 18 pieces to build a BONUS motorcycle kit! The kit's Retro Deluxe packaging is great to display on the shelf next to your finished model. 218 finely detailed parts are molded in black plastic with clear & chrome parts. Black vinyl tires include plastic whitewall inserts. All MPC Model kits include water-slide decals and a pictorial instruction sheet to assist assembly.