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1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible Cabriolet (1/25 Scale) Vehicle Model Kit

SKU: AMT1137
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The model is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduced the 1969 type prims GTX on 1/25 scale. This kit models a stylish 2-door convertible type. This kit models a stylish 2-door convertible type. Of course, chassis, engine and interior are also modeled precisely. The engine reproduces 426 cubic inches of HEMI V8 engine. Option parts and stock parts can be selected for intake parts.  


In addition, the chassis reproduces the front sub frame as a separate part. Mechanical finish with suspension and so on. The tire that tightens the feet sets the red line tire with the pad printed. Two kinds of wheels are also prepared and can be selected and assembled. Of course, the interior parts are also modeled in detail, and I am looking forward to the finishing unique to the convertible model. American Muscle Car Fan is a model that you can not miss.

Kit Details:

  • Modern era tooling with exquisite detail
  • Molded in white
  • Pre-decorated red line tires
  • Two wheel options
  • Multiple engine intake options
  • Accurate and authentic decals
  • Vintage 1969-style AMT packaging