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2" (.024") HO Scale Lumber (Actual Length per Piece 11") -- 2 x 12" pkg(10)

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SKU: NSC3016

These premium Basswood 2x12s are 1/87th the size of a real 2x12.

 Northeastern Scale Lumber is selected from the finest Basswood trees and cut in a particular season to ensure proper color. It is then kiln dried to 6%-8% moisture content then jointed, planned and sawn to tolerances of 1/100 of an inch. All lumber is hand inspected for quality, dimension and color before packaging.

Lumber should be stored in a dry location, unheated cellars or garages should be avoided.

Because of the natural characteristics of wood and the tooling employed in cutting, most strips and sheets have one surface smoother that the other. Modelers are advised to select and inspect stock to take advantage of this feature.