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2-1/4" Spinner White

This is a Two-Piece Two-Blade White Nylon Spinner with a Nylon Backplate. FEATURES: Simple, easy and safe to install, no need to use the palm of your hand. The spinner bolts to the backplate with a unique nylon insert lock-nut design, giving a solid and secure hold. INCLUDES: One Spinner Cone One Backplate Two 1/8 x 1/2 S/T Screws Four Shaft Adapters: 6mm, 1/4" 7mm, 5/16" SPECS: Spinner Diameter: 2-1/4" Spinner Backplate Thickness: 3/16" Crankshaft hole: 1/4" (may be reamed out to 7mm or 5/16") COMMENTS: These Spinners are Available in Seven Sizes. 10-22-98kzh ir/jl BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.00" W. X 2.25" H. X 6.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .14 LBS.