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24 Hour Champions Set

SKU: AFX22004
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Two of the most impressive cars ever to compete at Le Mans, the Toyota TS040 and the Audi R18, bring staggering hybrid horsepower to this classic race.
Wonderfully efficient aerodynamically, both cars were a singular challenge for AFX when creating them in 1/64th scale. In fact, they are the most complex bodies we have ever made. The Audi has 15 full depth body openings €“ way more than we or anyone else has ever done.
With 12 different track layouts to choose from, and the AFX Exclusive Photo Realistic Pit Building, you can recreate the excitement of Le Mans right in your home!


  • See Instruction Manual PDF for detailed inventory
  • 30 Feet of Track
  • (2) Mega G+ Cars
  • (1) Spare Parts Kit
  • (1) 22 volt Adjustable Tri-Power Pack
  • (2) AFX120 Controllers
  • (1) Photo Realistic Pit Building

AFX Exclusive Mega G+ Race System

We wanted wheel to wheel racing, lap after lap, the feel of driving a real car. But we knew just changing the chassis wouldn't do it. So we created a whole new system. The Mega G+ Race System is the perfect balance of grip and speed, made up of our Mega G+ Chassis, AFX120 Controllers and Exclusive Tri-Power Pack. With decades of slot car innovation and over a year of experimentation, this is the best out of the box slot car system you can buy.