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30-Degree Crossing Code 83 HO Scale

When you need to railroads to cross paths slightly then this Atlas #574 HO 30-Degree Crossing Code 83 is perfect. Get those HO Scale passengers right where they need to be at just the right angle. HO Scale Code 83 30" Snap-Track Crossingwith Nickel Silver Rail.


  • Nickel silver rails.
  • Brown molded railroad ties with wood grain detail.
  • The code of a piece of track is the height of the rail in thousandths of an inch, and is more to scale than code 100 track.
  • Brass rail joiners are included.
  • Holes in the ties allow you to tack down for added stability on your layout.
  • Can be used with code 100 track by using Atlas' transition joiners.
  • May be used as either a Snap Crossing or Custom Line Crossing.


(1) Code 83 30" Crossing


Scale: HO 1:87 Code: 83 (.083") BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.75" W. X .38" H. X 7.88" L. BOX WEIGHT: .08 LBS.