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#4 Custom-Line Left Turnout Code 83 HO Scale



HO Code 83 Custom-Line #4 left hand turnout.


Prototypically-fine brown ties and nickel silver rail. Code 83 track can be used with Code 100 track, and costs the same. Can be powered using an under-table switch machine or standard remoteand manual code 83 switch machines. Blackened metal frogs and rivetless switch points provide superiorelectrical conductivity. Regardless of the switch point setting, both branches are powered. Metal frog is insulated and carries no current. Transition joiners are included. Track piece branches towards the right.


One HO Code 83 Custom-Line left hand turnout track


Scale: HO Rail Height: Code 83 (.083") Length: 9" (22.5cm)


Engines with an extremely short wheel base or diesels with single truck pickup may hesitate or stall at the frog. This problem can be resolved by equipping the turnouts with an Atlas Snap Relay(#200). BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.00" W. X .38" H. X 11.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .10 LBS. MDA