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#497 Coaling station

SKU: LNL682026
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Bring your coal dump car into the station and dump its load into a waiting, trackside bin. At the flip of a lever, the bin begins to rise into the air until it reaches the top of the structure. When there, the bin tilts, and the coal load is dumped into storage bin located inside the structure. Move the control lever again, and doors on the bottom of two chutes open allowing the coal to fall into a waiting hopper. With its movement and interactivity, the 497 is a great addition to your coal empire
  • Raise and lower coal receiving bin
  • Open hopper chutes to drop coal into awaiting cars
  • Includes separate control box for feature activations
  • Stamped metal frame
  • Requires an operating uncoupling track (sold separately)
  • Compatible with all track systems
Plug-Expand-Play Accessory
  • Connects easily to FasTrack with a Plug-Expand-Play Lock-on (sold separately)
  • Connects to a traditional O/ O27 track lock-on or to an accessory power supply (lock-on and power supply sold separately)
  • Can be upgraded to command control with the purchase of a SC- 2 Switch Controller or an ASC2 (both sold separately)
  • Gauge:O Gauge
  • Brand:Lionel
  • Dimensions:9 1/2" x 6" x 10"
  • Most Recent Catalog:2016 Lionel Volume 2 Catalog

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