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A-10 Thunderbolt II (1/48 Scale) Aircraft Model Kit

SKU: TAM61028


Period of Service: 1972 - present; served in Gulf War. Twin turbofan engine, twin tail, single seat attack aircraft. Highly detailed 1/48th scale plastic kit for static display. Markings included for 5 different aircraft. Appx. 150 parts in olive green and clear with fine recessed panel lines. Complete weapon load including: (6) AGM-65 Maverick, (1) GBU-8, (1). GBU-10, (6) Mk.82 500lb bombs, (1) Mk.20 bomb, and (1) ALQ-119 pod. Cockpit detail includes instrument panel with decal for instrument faces and side consoles, 4 part ejection seat, and seated pilot. Detailed nose and main landing gear, wheel wells, and boarding steps. 30mm Gatling gun capable of 2100-4200 rounds per minute, 10 hard- points for 16,000lbs of ordnance, and titanium armoured cockpit.


Single sheet of decals contains aircraft code letters, serial numbers, national insignia, stencils, and cockpit instruments for five aircraft: 1: 23rd TFW, 76th TFS, England AFB, LA. Overall: 3 tone Black/Dk Green/Med Green camouflage. 2: 354th TFW, 355th TFS, Myrtle Beach AFB, SC. 3: 354th TFW, 356th TFS, Myrtle Beach AFB, SC. 4: 354th TFW, 353rd TFS, Myrtle Beach AFB, SC. 5: 81st TFW, 511th TFS, Bentwaters AFB, England. 2,3,4,& 5 Overall: Same as 1 Additional paints Required: Flat Colors: Black, Yellow Green, Aluminum, Sky Grey, Deep Green, Khaki, Khaki Drab, Metallic Grey, Olive Green, Dark Green, Olive Drab. Gloss Colors: Gun Metal, Silver, Gold, Sky Blue, Clear Blue, Clear Red.


One 1/48 A-10A Thunderbolt II Airplane Kit


Assembly Hobby Knife Paint: (see MARKING OPTIONS) Brushes Sandpaper Cement for plastics (TESR3512) Nice-to-have tools: Needle File Set, Sprue Cutter, Airbrush and Accessories


Scale: 1/48 Wingspan: 14-1/4" (36.5cm) Fuselage Length: 13-1/2" (34.5cm)