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Wooden Amber Box Mechanical Model Kit

SKU: UTG0062
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Special things deserve to be kept in a special place. For a box as lovely as your favorite jewelry, choose this Amber Box from UGears. You’ll have hours of fun constructing the box, which is both a puzzle and a safe with hidden compartments for your valuables. It features five natural amber stones on the lid and a delicate floral pattern carved into the wood panels. Give this unique box a place of pride on your dresser or make it a centerpiece in another room, where it is sure to serve as a conversation starter.

This intermediate-level piece is a mechanical puzzle with moving parts; it is inspired by steampunk fantasy that shows gears working in plain view while also providing structure for the box. Opening the lid activates its three main blocks. Moving the mirrored boxes on each side brings the upper compartments into view. Shifting the third mechanical block releases a drawer at the middle of the bottom, offering access to six compartments. There’s more to discover here, however; pressing a hidden button in the back of the piece reveals two additional compartments where you can keep your most valuable possessions hidden.

Number of parts: 189
Recommended Age: 14+