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Amtrak Pullman Bi-Level 4-Window Cab-Coach RTR

SKU: KAT356021
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This Kato Pullman Bi-Level 4-Window Cab-Coach is based on the popular bi-level cars used on Chicagoland commuter trains as well as on a few CNW ""400"" intercity passenger trains. The increased capacity of bi-level or ""gallery"" concept cars made them popular with many commuter rail agencies in the U.S. and Canada.
This assembled HO Scale model features shock absorber construction for stable running performance. Factory-installed magnetic knuckle couplers allow for minimum operating capacity of R16.875"" R430mm S-curve. An optional, modeler-installed Kato Kinematic coupler is included for close coupling in dynamic push-pull operation. Golden-white LED directional headlight-taillights on the Cab-Coach are equipped with an on-off slide switch for operation under prototype train consists when used mid-train. The cab-coach also includes an optional, hobbyist-installed non-operating roof beacon molded in clear amber.
The Pullman Bi-Level 4-Window Cab-Coach features green-tinted windows just like the prototype and comes with detailed interiors and exteriors. Dry transfer decals are included for personalizing car number. Kato's interior lighting kit 381-7502 (sold separately) can be installed in the Pullman Bi-Level 4-Window Cab-Coach for added realism.