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Atlas #80 HO Over N Under Pier Set

47 Piece Over N' Under pier setdesigned by Atlas Model Railroad To take your HO Scalelayout to next level!


Light gray plastic construction with stone masonry details. 46 piers and a pier girder. Piers are graduated in height from 1/4" to 3" by 1/4" increments,with 1/8" snap-in shims provided for intermediate piers. Approximate grades up and down in figure-8 arrangement using 18"radius curves is 2.6%. Recommended for use with Atlas HO Code 100 and Code 83 Snap-Track. Gradually raise track over other track or roads on your HO scalelayout.


47 Piece Over N' Under Pier Set


Scale: HO 1:87 BOX DIMENSIONS: 9.50" W. X 1.25" H. X 11.25" L. BOX WEIGHT: 1.36 LBS. MDA