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Ball Link Aileron Horn Wire (2)

This set is used to connect your strip aileron horn wires to your aileron pushrods. Also used as dual take off connectors. INCLUDES: 2- steel horn wire ball links for 3/32" horn wire 2- self-threading nylon sockets (ball cups) 2- brass threaded couplers (3/4" long with 3/8" 2-56 threads for up to .072" diameter wire) 2- 4-40 round head screws (for standard screwdriver) COMMENTS: this is also sold as a set with the aileron horn wires: DUBQ1760 NMH 6-16-94 BOX DIMENSIONS: 2.25" W. X .25" H. X 2.25" L. BOX WEIGHT: .01 LBS.

Warning: This product can expose you to substances known to the State of California to cause harm. Click here for more details.