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Ball Link Threaded

This is a 1/16" Threaded Ball Link FEATURES: Nylon, brass, & steel construction INCLUDES: One ball link (ball cup) (self-threading, white nylon) (.638" long) One ball stud (threaded for a 0-80 (1/16") nut) (black steel) (.375" total height, .236" ball height w/ .152" diameter ball) One threaded coupler (3/4" long w/ 3/8"x2-56 threads) (brass) One 1/16" nut for ball stud REQUIRES: Soldering the coupler onto rod 3/16" wrench to install the ball 5/32" wrench for the nut SPECS: See "Includes" above COMMENTS: These are ideal for use on carb throttle arms. tjt 032902 ir/kh BOX DIMENSIONS: 2.25" W. X .25" H. X 2.25" L. BOX WEIGHT: .01 LBS.

Warning: This product can expose you to substances known to the State of California to cause harm. Click here for more details.