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British BL 8-Inch Howitzer Mk.IV (1/35 Scale) Plastic Military Kit

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The model has an excellent study and detailing and is designed for assembly by experienced modellers. Length of model, mm: 197 The BL 8-inch Howitzer mk was designed by Vickers in the UK and produced by all four British artillery manufacturers. They were equivalent to the German 21 cm Morser 16 and in the British service they used the same 9.2-inch howitzer BL, but were faster to manufacture and more mobile. The design of the Vickers, very similar to their 6-inch howitzer, was approved in August 1915. It was 4-5 tons lighter than the home-made 8-inch Mks I-V howitzers. The Mk VI barrel had a complex structure and was 14.7 caliber long with a range of 10,745 yards.