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Building The Right-Sized Layout

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Building The Right-Sized Layout is an all-new book written by well-known Model Railroader magazine contributor Thomas Klimoski which features 5 track plans demonstrating how to build a fulfilling layout while maintaining a manageable size and cost and time investment.

Have an extra spare room in your house? Downsizing your layout? Building The Right-Sized Layout is the perfect book to help with planning a room-sized layout for your home. This new book features 5 track plans covering details on how to create a manageable layout with space, time, and resources in mind.

You’ll find:

  • Track planning strategies
  • Construction techniques
  • Room-planning concepts
  • Tips on operating once your layout is built
  • And more!

Featuring author Thomas Klimoski’s Georgia Northeastern Railroad, as well as 3 other examples of small layouts, this planning book is a must-have for model railroaders.

product# KAL12825