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Burlington Northern (BN) #3055 EMD GP40-2

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This detailed model features a smooth-running dual-flywheel drive, five-pole skew-wound motor, directional golden-white LED lighting, modeler-applied snowplow and handrails, factory applied grab irons and MU Hoses and cut levers and Accumate(R) knuckle couplers. Atlas Silver Series NOTE: Listing is for road number 3055, 3042 shown in image. Atlas


The GP40-2 was EMD's follow-up to the very successful GP40 locomotive model. While many internal upgrades were introduced (such as the useof improved, modular Dash 2 electrical components), there were some external differences between the early production GP40-2 and late-production GP40. This included an engine water-level sight glass on the right side of the body (a feature common to all EMD Dash 2 models), a larger electrical cabinet air filter box, a lengthened battery compartment on the left side, and a slightly modified cab. All GP40-2s featured a 16-cylinder EMD 645-series diesel engine which was rated at 3,000 horsepower. Early to mid-production phase 2 GP40-2s were built from mid-1976 through late-1979. Several major spotting features of Phase 2 units include: an 88 low nose, corrugated radiator grilles and notched step wells.


¥ Golden-white LEDs

¥ Realistic die-cast underframe

¥ Five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels for optimum performance at all speeds

¥ Directional lighting

¥ Factory-equipped with AccuMate¨ knuckle couplers

¥ Detailed cab interior with crew

¥ Separately-installed scale windshield wipers, metal grab irons and fine scale handrails

¥ Movable drop steps

¥ Walkway safety tread

¥ Coupler cut bars

¥ Multiple unit hoses and trainline hoses

¥ Snowplow


¥ Etched metal radiator and dynamic brake fans (included where appropriate per road name).

¥ Dynamic Brake options: standard range, extended range or non-dynamic brake hatch used where appropriate per road name.

¥ 2,600, 3,000 and 3,600 gallon fuel tank where appropiate by road name.


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