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CAC CA-13 Boomerang (1/48th Scale) Plastic Military Aircraft Model Kit

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Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) CA.13 Boomerang is an Australian low wing fighter from World War II. The decision to develop your own plane was made in December 1941, and 14 weeks after the start of design work, on May 29, 1942, a prototype was flown. The plane was structurally reminiscent of the Wirraway, and no wonder, because the Australians simply used parts of the licensed low wing, equipping it with the largest Twin Wasp engine in their possession. An armor plate was installed in the pilot's cabin, and the windshield was made of bulletproof glass. The plane was also heavily armed, but it was a phenomenon that at the time of designing the plane, there was only one British 20mm Hispano air cannon with a manual, which was enough to start mass production in the whole of Australia. The first order was for 105 aircraft, meanwhile renamed CA-12 Boomerang. Already during production, an improved version of the aircraft was created, with an almost identical silhouette, but a slightly elongated fuselage, designated as CA-13. A total of 250 copies were produced. Technical data: Maximum speed: 491 km / h, speed of climb: 14.9 m / s, maximum ceiling 8800 m, maximum range: 1500 km, armament: fixed - 2 20mm cannons, 4 machine guns 7.7mm