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Wooden Carousel Mechanical Model Kit

SKU: UTG0067
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Relive the magic of the fair over and over again from the comfort of your own home with the mechanical UGears Carousel model kit. Whether you spend an afternoon daydreaming of happy memories while lovingly crafting this high-quality mini model or reminisce with close family or friends while completing the build, there's no doubt fresh memories created will linger on right alongside your breathtaking new carousel. Not only is this mechanical carousel model kit a crafty puzzle to keep your mind sharp, but it also serves practical purposes after completion as a beautiful, functioning decoration and conversation piece for your home. 

Delight in the whimsy of taking another spin around and around on your favorite horse, as the carousel features a working mechanism that allows the delightful scene to come to life right before your eyes. Feel a hint of nostalgia as mini wooden horses, fashioned after the real classics, rise and fall as the ride turns. The carousel's mechanism is powered simply with rubber bands and gears which are visible to the eye, creating a display with extra visual interest as you view what powers this mini marvel. It's simple to get the model moving: just a quick turn of the key located under the base provides the rubber band tension needed to get the gears turning.