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Command Control for Toy Trains Book

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A 72-page guide to 101 Model Railroading Track Plans from Kalmbach Books. Every one of the 101 track plans in this book is an adventure in model railroad design. A complete miniature world with a theme, purpose, and atmosphere. The plans range in size from tiny layouts that would fit on a card table to a huge estate-size railroad designed for a specifically built building. 101 Model Railroading Track Plans Guide from Kalmbach Books. The author also explains how to convert the plans for use in the various model railroad scales, how to build a layout from a plan, and how to choose the plan best suited to your space and personality. Plans are included for N, HO, S, and O scale railroads.


  • Glossy softcover 72-page book.
  • Includes techniques helpful for the beginner as well as the advanced rail modeler.
  • Includes incredibly detailed scale drawings for each layout.
  • Each plan is built around a railroad theme with an atmosphere of the real or sometimes imaginary countryside that can be used on any model railroad. The plans, arranged by size, are presented in simple steps to help you:
  • -Choose the best plan
  • -Modify it if desired
  • -Build the railroad of your dreams!


One 72-page 101 Model Railroading Track Plans Book


Pages: 72 Width: 8-1/4" (209mm) Height: 10-3/4" (289mm)


This book is from the publishers of Model Railroader Magazine, and many of these plans have never before appeared elsewhere.