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F-104G (1/72 Scale) Aircraft Model Kit

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The Starfighter was originally designed for the US Air Force as a pure high speed fighter interceptor. First flight was on 4th march 1954 at Edwards AFB. By that time most European NATO Countries were looking for a new standard fighter/fighter-bomber to form the backbone of their Air Forces.

Early designs of the Lockheed model could not really satisfy the European requirements, which resulted in the modified F-104G version. The "G" was conceived as low-level capable, high-speed fighter-bomber with in- and egress speeds of up to MACH 2.5.

In 1958 Germany chose the Starfighter to replace the already outdated F-84 and F-86 versions in use by then. For political reasons the Marineflieger had to join this decision, though their demands were quite different.

The German Navy was looking for a two-seat, twin-engined aircraft to replace the old Seahawks, with the Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer being their favorite aircraft.


  • Recessed panel lines
  • Basic cockpit
  • Seated pilot figure
  • Separate speed brakes
  • 1-piece canopy
  • AIM-9 missiles (x2)
  • Wingtip tanks and drop tanks
  • Decals and painting notes fo