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Ford GT40 Mk.II #1 1966 Le Mans (1/24 Scale) Vehicle Model Kit

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The Mk. II was very similar in appearance to the Mk. I, but it actually was a bit different from its predecessor. It used the 7.0-liter FE (427 ci) engine from the Ford Galaxie, which was an engine used in NASCAR at the time but the engine was modified for road course use. The car's chassis was more or less the same as the British-built Mk. I chassis, but it and other parts of the car had to be re-designed and modified by Carroll Shelby's organization in order to accommodate the larger and heavier 427 engine. A new Kar Kraft-built 4-speed gearbox (same as the one described above; Ford-designed, using Galaxie gearsets) was built to handle the more powerful engine, replacing the ZF 5-speed used in the Mk.I. This car is sometimes referred to as the Ford Mk. II.