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Front & Rear Differential Housing Revo

SKU: TRA5380
This is the Front and Rear Differential Housing for the REVO from Traxxas.


Durable black nylon construction Product Item #: 5380


One diff housing (2 pieces)


TRAC5119 10x15mm Bearing (1) TRAC5118 8x16mm Bearing (1) TRAC5117 6x12mm Bearings (2) TRAC5381 Diff Carrier & Gasket TRAC3965 Cap Head Screw 2.5X8MM TRAC2587 Cap Head Screw 3X10MM TRAC5329 Rear bulkhead TRAC5330 Font bulkhead BOX DIMENSIONS: 3.13" W. X 1.75" H. X 5.63" L. BOX WEIGHT: .04 LBS.