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Guide to Signals & Interlockings

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Guide to Signals & Interlockings -- Softcover, 144 Pages Model Railroader's Guide to Signals and Interlockings from Kalmbach is a look at railroad signaling and how to model it. Follow along with experienced model railroader Dave Abeles as he delves into signal systems and interlocking plants. Guide to Signals and Interlockings, the book from Model Railroader, will give the reader all the information they will need to tackle this complex project with confidence. This 144-page, softcover book includes an explanation of how signal systems work; how different systems can be applied to layouts; details on both automatic and more complex systems and the most up-to-date methods for replicating these systems. It's ideal for modelers who are building or planning a layout with the goal of adding prototypical signaling and control systems. Softcover, 144 Pages