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HO RTR EMD SD40T-2, Standard DC, Southern Pacific 1990's #8370

SKU: ATH72066


The SD40T-2 is a 6-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division having a 16-cylinder EMD 645E3 diesel engine producing 3,000 horsepower (2,240 kW). 312 SD40T-2s were built for North American railroads between April 1974 and July 1980. This locomotive and the SD45T-2 are popularly called tunnel motors, but EMD’s term is SD40-2s with “cooling system modifications” because they were designed for better engine cooling in tunnels. The difference between this locomotive and its non-tunnel motor cousin, the SD40-2, are the radiator intakes and radiator fan grills located at the rear of the locomotive. The radiator air intakes in this model were along the deck to allow more fresh, cooler air to enter and less hot exhaust fumes lingering around the tunnel’s ceiling.


Fine scale handrails
Separately applied air tanks
See through cab windows
Welded ECAFB
Photoetch windshield wipers
LED Lighting
HTC truck sideframes
All-wheel electrical pickup
See-through dynamic brake fans
“Mushroom” nose vent on right side
Separately applied wire grab irons
Fully assembled and ready-to-run
Rubber trainline and MU hoses with silver ends
Standard Dash-2 cab, windows correct per prototype
See-through radiator grilles with new rear truck gearbox speific for the tunnel motor
Speed recorder attached to appropriate axle per prototype (except undecorated)
McHenry scale knuckle spring couplers
Highly-detailed, injection molded body
Painted and printed for realistic decoration
All-wheel drive with precision gears for smooth and quiet operation
5-pole motor with flywheels and multi-link drivetrain for troublefree operation
DCC Ready 21-pin NEM Quick Plug™ technology
Nickel plated, blackened machined wheels
Wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track
Replacement parts available including motor brushes
Recommended radius: 22”

Road Number #8370 Features:

  • Red welded/removed nose gyralight
  • Snoot nose
  • relocated Nathan P-3 Horn
  • Standard forward ditchlights
  • Cab roof mounted bell
  • Faded paint
  • Missing/faded body and nose lettering

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